• Quality Inspection Services
    Precissto is a specialized Industrial Service Provider in the Engineering Industry, in that we offer wide range of Technical Services like Sourcing, Inspections, Product developments and technical support.

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Get in contact with us today. We can help you with anything you may need. To assure our customers to get right products from right source with the support from our manufacturers and suppliers, to work with our customers to improve their product quality and having full trust in our services for timely delivery .

List of Services we offer

Major services are categorized into 3 parts;
  • Third Party Inspection at supplier works
  • Vendor Inspection 
  • Expediting Services 

Precissto offers Non-destructive testing as requested by customers. These services includes:

  1. Hydrostatic testing
  2. Advanced pneumatic testing
  3. Liquid Penetrant Inspection
  4. Visual Inspection (VT)
  5. Leak Test Inspection (LT)
  6. X-Ray/RT inspection


In addition Precissto can arrange for SNT-TC-1A Level III oversight of Level II testing techniques. In addition inspections can comply with ASME Section V Articles 6, 7, 9, and 10.



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